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Mobile Tire Service
At Saskatoon Mobile Tire Service, all our tire services are performed on-site at your home, work, or the side of the road. We can handle any type of vehicle from a small family car to a one-ton dually truck or your holiday vehicles, such as ATV and trailers. Our mobile tire vehicle allows us to deal with all of your tire needs, including repair, replacement, balancing and locking wheel nut removal.

We offer greater value than any of our conventional (old school) tire shop competitors.

Mobile Plus+ Service

Saskatoon Mobile Tire Service also offers a range of plus services, these include:

  • Vehicle Jump Start Services
  • Battery Sales and Service
  • Battery boosting
  • New battery sales & installation
Fleet Tire Services
It’s a costly endeavour to pull a fleet of vehicles off the road for a day to be serviced, and that’s if you can find a shop willing to take your entire fleet at once.

We will come out to your site and service your entire fleet of vehicles. We’ll take care of your tire replacement, balancing and rotation.